How to Boost Ecommerce Business in Festival Seasons?

November 15, 2019  



How to Boost Ecommerce Business in Festival Seasons?

A significant number of consumers prefer best ecommerce platform for buying various products over visiting physical stores. If recent surveys are to be believed, then more than 27% of respondents in India perform 50% of their shopping activities online. The revenue generated from the best ecommerce platform in India is believed to reach US$ 120 billion by 2020 from what was around US$ 30billion in 2017.So you have an ecommerce business that you might want to sell

And with festival season witnessing an escalation in online traffic, to make your online store the best ecommerce platform India here are some effective tips to follow.

Advertise Early

Surveys point that by the end of 2021, the number of buyers for the global best ecommerce platform will reach 2.14 billion. And to be a part of this growing ecommerce world and boost your ecommerce business during the festival season start with early advertising. Since festival promotional campaigns tend to be of short-span, the early you start advertising, the better response you are to receive.

Offer Discounted Shipping

According to a recent study, almost 18.5% of respondents ageing between 25 to 34, prefer shipping discounts when it comes to online buying. Around 70% of online buyers keep on adding items to their shopping cart just to eligible for free shipping.


Hence, to ecommerce website a profitable one and attract more customers during the holiday season, make sure to offer discounted shipping or even free and fast shipping.

Introduce Festival Gifts

A considerable number of customers opts for online festive season sales just to be eligible for free gits? Yes, take any reputed or best ecommerce platform India for example and you’ll see that during the festival season they not only offer various discounts but also free ‘thank you’ gifts or surprise gifts on purchase of certain amounts. 

This free-samples or free- gift strategy is tremendously effective for ecommerce business boost, especially during the holidays and festivals.

Keep Your Site Mobile-Friendly

To make ecommerce website India a useful and profitable one, especially during the festival season, ensure it to be mobile-friendly. As per a 2018 global statistic, almost 52.2% of total worldwide website traffic was generated through mobile devices.

Therefore, to offer a seamless shopping experience to all, making your ecommerce platform India a mobile-responsive one is a must. After all, during the festival season, people tend to shop through mobile phones more as it saves time and ensure fast shopping.

Set Up a Countdown Banner

Believe it or not, but creating a sense of urgency can boost the sales of an ecommerce platform up to 300%. Yes, and when it’s the time of festivals, adding a countdown banner to the homepage of your ecommerce platform India will simply help you receive more ecommerce business as the customers are likely to buy quickly seeing the time for the festive sales slipping away on the countdown banner.


Send Festival Sale Emails and Notifications

When it comes to effective online marketing efforts, email marketing is believed to generate around $44 for every $1 that is spent. And during the season of festivals, email marketing and other forms of online notifications (social media) can be an inexpensive way of making the most out of your best ecommerce platform India.

Offer Festival Special Discounts

Do you know that almost 34.1% of total respondents favour online discounts over free shipping? Therefore, to boost the sales of your ecommerce platform India this festive season, why not utilize the benefit of introducing special festive discounts on certain products on your site! 

Since studies show that almost 60% of online consumers leave the purchase incomplete due to extra cost, offering various festive discounts will surely reduce the number of abandoned carts.

Utilize Customer Reviews

Research indicates that customer reviews help in increasing online sales by almost 18%. Therefore, to ensure maximum business during the festival season and make ecommerce website India commercially successful, show the positive reviews of your customers on your homepage.


Since, new customers tend to refer to customer feedback before making a purchase, highlighting the best reviews on your ecommerce site will play a crucial role in driving sales.

Make Your SSL Certificate Visible

Highlight the security of your ecommerce business and make it a part of your festival season marketing strategy. Yes, make your SSL certificate visible which vouches for the security of the private information of your customers.

Utilize the above-described tips to expand your holiday sales and ensure a great festive experience for your  ecommerce platform in India

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